Living Plus

Health and Wellness Program

There’s a difference between health and wellness, although they do go hand in hand. Health is your physical or mental condition. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it’s about change and growth.

Our Living Plus wellness program is all about change and growth. It focuses on active living, healthy eating, and social connections for members of all abilities.

Participating in Living Plus offerings can significantly benefit your physical, emotional, and social well-being. Programs and classes are designed to increase bone and muscle strength, reduce the risk of falls, boost your energy and sense of well-being, and improve your memory and concentration. The best part is, Living Plus programs are included in your plan at no additional cost.

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HTA in the Community

Program Classes Include:

  • Senior Fitness Classes and Movement Breaks hosted weekly on the HealthTeam Advantage Facebook page
  • Weight Management 101
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • A Matter of Balance (coming soon!)
  • Cooking Classes
  • Wellness Challenges

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Upcoming Events

Our programs are offered in-person or virtually on Facebook! If you have questions about Living Plus classes or programs: Call 336-832-7585 or email [email protected].



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